I am here to help you humans to remember your roots that connect you firmly to the earth of which you are a part. My energy makes the rooting with Mother Earth tangible for all. This gives you the stability you need in these times. Do not allow yourselves to falter even in the most violent storms with all the horrors you experience. So it is possible for you to feel the connection to all that is, the infinite love of Mother Earth finds a way into your hearts through your roots. Knowing that everything is as it should be, that no one will be sick who has not chosen to be sick, you will be able to feel the joy and peace. A new time is beginning and the light of love is returning to Earth.
This attitude allows deep gratitude for all who have agreed to go now to make this possible. Your roots make this possible. They allow you to open your heart to compassion and to touch those who are in fear with your love and thus break the cycle of darkness.
Imagine golden power flowing from Mother Earth through your roots into your heart, passing through your crown to the source of all being. Receive white light from the source and guide it down through your roots to the perfect crystal in the center of the earth. Feel the union of the two energies in your heart. Open your heart and let this energy touch everything and everyone you meet. Be aware of this energy, feel it, so you learn to recognize when foreign energy fields touch you and you will learn to feel how you can transform such dark energy fields. If you can’t feel it, it will still happen if you ask for it. Your intention alone causes all this. Stay mindful and shine. Rejoice with us and be sure we are at your side. I say goodbye only verbally in joy, gratitude and love. You are infinitely loved.